Tailored for your budget.

As your consultant, our primary business is to save you time and money. On the technical side, that’s done by making your computer users more efficient, and your systems more reliable. If your assets are working smoother, that’s more work you can get out of your time.

Todd is an excellent man to have in your corner. He seemingly is never stumped and has a universal knowledge in the realm of IT. He is also a great suggestions guy, and is creative in his solutions and workarounds.”
-Peter Stokes, Quadras Integrated

On the personnel side, info://grafix saves you money by being your Chief Information Officer for hire, your on-call Mac mechanic, or your on-demand Creative Director — without the need to grow your staff, and the additional fees and expenses that go with it, and you only have to pay for the time you need someone.

For an ongoing support agreement, or on-call urgent care, we have a pricing plan that works. Call and we can set up a get-acquainted visit at no charge.

You can also email here for a rate card.