From a desire to do it different...

Creatives “Think Different,” as Apple coined the phrase. We work our best on the best computer platform available. But that has often led to creatives either being their own resource for technical support, or putting it in the hands of stuffed shirt PC geeks who claim to know the Mac based on a two-week training boot camp.

A veteran of the creative design industry, Principal Consultant Todd Johnson began info://grafix to provide the latest technical support and know-how to creative businesses.

When you have a problem, or need advice, or an upgrade, what you need is someone whose first nature is the Mac. Info://grafix has always been, and always will be, the Mac-first solution, so you can focus on getting your work done.

"Todd is a genius! He helped our minstry of Actors, Models and Talent for Christ so much. I thank Todd for all of his excellent work for many years."

-Carrie Lewis Arban, Actors Models & Talent for Christ